Shaving experiments continued…

avocadoI’ve lone given up spending large amounts of money on Gillette razors and shaving goop – and for a while I went with Dollar Shave Club. I found out DSC merely resold other’s razors marked up, and I was going to go straight to their supplier to get them.

At this point though I had already tried straight razors and had mixed success with them – you need a lot of time and you need to be very patient and they are very dangerous with small children in the house. Yes, you can hide them away… but you’re probably only delaying the inevitable.

I started to do some research on double-edged safety razors like my Grandfathers used to use. All of the wet shaving information was very interesting. I loved the historical, antique, older is better mentality of the whole process. I had no idea how large a “movement” this was and I wanted in. These multi-blade money makers didn’t even give me that great of a shave, but I wasn’t aware of the options.

I did finally purchase a Merkur razor (no combs) and a year’s supply of feather blades. I was using Proraso green and a synthetic brush and a ceramic bowl. I used the Proraso mainly because I had it around from the times I tried the straight razor. It all worked pretty well, but I wasn’t very happy yet. I bucked up and got a badger hair brush which I love.

I did a little more research. And now I am extremely happy – happy enough to blog about it here and possibly set you onto something you’ll love too.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Avacado Shaving Cream (bowled). The most magnificent shaving cream I have yet to try. It’s simply magical!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream in a Bowl

A tiny touch on the tips of your badger brush and you’ve got a ton of incredible cream ready for six passes or more, with sustained ease. I have paired this up with Geo F. Trumper Coral Skin Food (pre and post shave). These two paired with great blades, a badger brush, a nice bowl, and some hot water are enough to kick the hell out of Gillette and remove it from your normal vocabulary for good. You’ll end up saving a lot of money while coming out of it with incredible shaves. You’ll be smelling pretty good as well.

Spend the extra money saved on your lady.

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