Google invests in Himax display

Google is planning on buying a 6.3% interest in Himax Display (who produce the little display used in Glass). Analysts say this means Google is preparing to produce 2 million of Glass each year.

Let me think about that. I have an idea.

If someone takes umbrage to someone’s use of said Glass with them, chances are the Glass wearer’s nose will be fist-manipulated into a different shape, most likely resulting in a fly-away pair of Glass. Breaking them. Requiring repair or replacement.

Let’s say this happens a few times over the course of a Glass wearer’s daily experience. Beyond the need to have their nose set by a doctor, they will have needed display replacement multiple times – thus eating heavily into the annual Glass production run.

So at first read, 2 million seems like a very high number for such an expensive me-too product. But realizing the public backlash that will take place, I’d guess there will be about 500,000 low self-esteemed nerd users world-wide, each replacing their destroyed sci-fi monocle 4 times.

Let’s not mention self-inflicted user-stomping on their Glass when continually rejected by their pick-up lines app. Or when they bend over the toilet to flush and they go plunk. Or when they are banned in one of the places they are visiting, place them in their pocket, sit down, and snap. Or losing them when chased around the mall after having broadcast a live Google Chat with friends who also like to try and look up granny’s skirt in the underwear section of Macy’s. Ad naseum.

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