Apple Watch after WatchOS 2.0.1

IMG_0949Based on my previous post about my Apple Watch, I was hoping for Apple to do something with an update release for WatchOS. I still wasn’t getting close to a whole day on a charge but it seemed a bit better than before.

One thing I noted, and I offer this suggestion. If you charge your watch near or close to a large table fan at night, the magnets in the fan might be fooling your watch into thinking it’s fully charged when it’s not. I have since moved my charger and I’ve noticed much better performance.

Anyway, I am now putting the watch on around 8:00 AM and by around midnight, I am still around 65% battery. This is after 2.0.1 was installed. I don’t know what bugs or internal features Apple has made, but they have significantly stretched battery life for me. I don’t keep the battery complication on any watch face any more because I don’t have to worry about battery at all. It’s pretty liberating. I know my experience shouldn’t have included worrying about battery life to begin with, but now that it’s been addressed, I am quite happy.

Thank you Apple.

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