Food forward. Ambronite and Soylent 2.0

I must admit that I enjoy Ambronite for a perceived larger meal – one that needs to stick with me for a bit longer. For me that equates to a morning meal. Breakfast is a very important meal and (I’ll called Ambronite A from now on) A seems to be a bit thicker. A bit more material to consume where volume is concerned. An extra 100 kcal over Soylent. I should be able to easily get to 11:30 or noon on the A alone.

I’ve read where the soy protein for male consumption in S2.0 might not be¬†good. But from labdoor:

Current evidence suggests that excessive intake of soy protein may lead to decreased testosterone/estrogen ratio and attributed side effects in men, with the effect likely mitigated by increasing regularity of physical activity, primarily resistance training. Normal doses of soy protein (20-25g daily), however, are unlikely to lead to any de-masculinizing hormonal changes and may, instead, promote better cardiovascular and prostatic health.

Okay. Sounds good, but I won’t take soy protein 4x a day with S2.0. I wasn’t going to anyway. For lunch I might have a yoghurt and a S2.0. I purchased an extra shaker and I could always have another A – bringing my calories to around 1K-ish without a yoghurt. Leaving me about 1k for supper if I base my diet on a 2k calorie limit.

Don’t get me wrong – I love to eat good food. I’ll plan on having a meal with the family, notably supper during the week. If something happens (D&D session on Wednesdays, etc.) then I can always take another A.

So I’m really going to base calories on A and use S2.0 as a quick crutch over time. Something I can pop and have at my desk at work. Follow it with some coffee.

A isn’t cheap. I’d love to find another way to do it. I still plan on trying out Huel when I can easily have it shipped here in the United States. If it approaches A in quality I’ll probably go with it since it will be much more affordable.

Side effects? I had a little gastro thing for a day or two when I introduced S2.0 to my diet – I was too late to the Soylent party and never bothered with the powder. I could still get the powder, but if I can get around mixing I’ll do it. Especially for a portable quick-hit meal or supplement.

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