A Huel™ Customer!


I have long envied those living in parts of the world where Huel could be delivered. For a very long time, Huel could not ship to the United States because of some FDA work that needed completed first, shipping location that made monetary sense, etc. But I happened to stumble upon their site and found that it was indeed available for me now.

I’ve now been on it for three days (taking 2 meals per day on Huel). The taste is wonderful, as I purchased the vanilla. It has a very strong oat flavor which I like a lot. I was previously a Soylent user but I like Huel a lot more for many reasons besides taste.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”neutral” wrap=”i”] 3d20 Saving Throw Flatulence. From Hades.

Well. Last night all the Huel I’ve been having caught up with me in the form of Satanic vapors emanating from my ass. For about three hours I had to find ways to get myself away from family noses. I mostly successful but I was impressed by the strength of the odor and the radius of it’s effect. This was powerful stuff. 3d20 saving throw strong. I think it has passed, if you will, but that was a dangerous episode if I had not been in a location that provided physical avoidance opportunity for myself.

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