WWDC 17 tips

There were a few things I found invaluable while attending. 

  1. My Snooz white noise generator to replace a fan for sweet slumber at Hyatt Place. It kept me from needing to pack an actual and unwieldy proper fan. 
  2. Anker 20000 portable USB charger. I used it a lot when I wasn’t near an outlet in hall 1. I used it on my planes, outside, an in session. I brought two but only needed one. 
  3. I didn’t bring my laptop to the conference but rather coded in my room a bit. It saved a lot of weight and bulk. 
  4. Talking with engineers is the best thing you can do at the conference. Trust alone was worth the price of admission. 
  5. Don’t try to take copious notes in session. They are mostly 40 minutes and the presenters fly through them. Review the video and source code later. 
  6. My Apple watch was a key pieces of kit. My favorite sessions were always a glance away and kept me sorted. Boarding passes in wallet were key too. 
  7. Bose QuietControl 30 headphones kept me out of looping ambient beats at the conference. Very light and I could easily turn noise cancellation way down for conversations. 
  8. Most everyone is open to opening developer remarks and you can easily connect with people even if you’re on the shy side. 
  9. Lyft and Uber are amazing. A great user experience and great drivers! I met a group of people and within 4 minutes we were of to Apple Park and 2 Infinite Loop. Super easy and effective. Loved it. This was my first time using either. My hotel booked me a taxi but instead of waiting an hour, I was at my ticket counter dropping off my bag in about 20 minutes. 
  10. I brought too many clothes. If your going to get any Apple shirts you’re about set already. Two pairs of shorts is fine. 
  11. There was good food in San Jose. Easily walkable or take a Lyft. 
  12. Down the halls near the labs on the top floor were refrigerators stocked with Odwalla that were full, as they were not ransacked as hard. Almost guaranteed beverage. 
  13. There needs to be coffee all day long. At least somewhere. Even outside. 
  14. You don’t need to be up front. The screens in the larger halls are just as good and you don’t need to queue so hard and get out quicker. 

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