Wow is Ambronite expensive


I wandered around Reddit tonight looking for some insight on Ambronite pricing. This is my last post on the pricing – I swear. If you don’t subscribe and use other % off means to acquire Ambronite, and you’re buying the big bag (as they call them), you’re paying a ton per bag for 1600 calories which isn’t a full day of meals.

Full price = $49 a bag. Many times more expensive than anything else out there that I have heard about. And I have spent a lot of time searching for meal replacements. Is it nutritionally better than other offerings? Probably slightly better.

It feels like an exclusive food that sponsored athletes or the venture capital backed geeks can comfortably afford to use. Thank goodness that I won the huge box of packets (sachets) or else my wife would kill me for buying it. It’s way more expensive that procuring prepared restaurant food.

I hope people in the know at work don’t think I’m some kind of pompous asshole when they see the green shaker on my desk.

I can’t ignore that I feel a little better using it than I do with Huel, but Huel is close in its offering and I actually enjoy the flavor a bit more than Ambronite. I couldn’t possibly justify using Ambronite when I can get pounds more Huel with the cost difference.

I went nearly 100% Ambronite today. It was good. I’m looking forward to getting back into some Huel – maybe for breakfast tomorrow, and then Ambronite for lunch.

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