Consumables. Pepperoni balls.

Hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania certainly has it’s share of wonderful memories for me -mostly taken for granted when I grew up there. Being equidistant from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo meant there was no lack of things to do even when you thought you may have temporarily exhausted options in Erie and the surrounding area. There are a few food items that those in Erie are very familiar with. One of them is pepperoni balls.

I simply cannot fathom why these have not caught on around the world. They are freaking amazing – and it’s really more about the bread than it is the concept. A bread that is slightly sweet, crunchy on the outside and doughy-soft in the center. The pepperoni simply pushes it past the good range and past the awesome membrane.

International Bakery, Patti’s Pizza West, Staganelli’s, the list goes on. I would say that if you order online from anyone and have them shipped to you – you are opening your home to a life-changing event. You will not be disappointed You will find new meaning in life – as long as you don’t eat them daily. I don’t think that would be very healthy. Even if you think about them that often afterwards.

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