Fracture. Audio gear incoming.

What I feared might happen has become something to fear. I am trying to maintain some sanity in my approach to the task at hand. That is to improve the audio equipment I am using with research, experience, and the pinching of pennies where possible. I am well aware that the pursuit of better audio rendering is a never-ending quest. I have been bitten by the desire to improve my audio game solely to improve my quality of life.

I have been listening to music and audio content more lately since working from home makes it all possible without alienating or putting someone else off. It’s made my keyboard driving that much more enjoyable and I have discovered all sorts of new music. I really enjoy in-ear studio monitors, but I am not a huge fan of the around the back of the ear cabling situation most require. I am content with my DAC/amp but there are other more capable solutions out there for not a whole lot more money.

Anyway, the savings in gas money this past year+ could find good use in front-stoop packages of audio deliverance hardware. Some like gardening. Some like working on their car. I like technical nerd-friendly stuff.

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