Destiny 2 on the PS5

If you’re a Destiny player on the PSN network, add me as a friend if you are wont. I put down the grind a few years ago, started up a new account on the PS5 – so I had to start all over. But that’s alright, I have gotten to within about 20 points shy of the current power cap.

Dad-Dlux. That’s my PSN gamerTag. I suppose cross-save allows for friends-lists on different consoles? I’m not sure. But Destiny 2 on a PS5 feels like a totally different game. Its wonderful – and almost no wait times for anything.

I usually steer clear of Crucible activities, but as long as I don’t lone wolf things, I do alright. Having 2:1 instead of 1:2 or 1:3 are generally more survivable. So I try to stay on someone’s hip – depending on the mode. I just joined [ViP] The BoomBoom Room – and there are tons of members to do raids, dungeons, etc. with – but since I am new I don’t typically get invites to anything. Not yet.

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