Wardrobe addition: Classic Clean Denim Western Shirt

There are a few video blogs that I subscribe to, and one of them is How to Renovate a Chateau. Its on YouTube and whenever I am feeling a little overwhelmed, need to massage my mind, or simply want to virtually travel to beautiful Normandy and try to soak in the views and the wonderful vibes of a great couple. I love to see what decisions they make in their renovation projects, how they kindly get along, enjoy the humor, and appreciate the meandering pace of it all.

Anyway, Phillip wears this Levis work shirt quite often. Having never worn a jean material shirt, it looks casual enough to wear around my own house while I am not doing anything too manual. My office at work is also a nice optional location to wear something like it. So after some research I found one and I am wearing it today. Given that the temperature of each passing day seems to drop a bit, its a perfect compliment to the approaching autumn weather that I cherish so much.

It’s a super-awesome option. Random post, I know, but I had to share.

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