A Flash-based scrum tool

Open Source AS3 Scrum Tool?

I am not sure how active the non-gaming Flash development community is. I am not sure if anyone will see this blog post as I’ve become a whimper on the thorax of an ant in terms of blogging activity. So… I am thinking of starting up work on an open source scrum tool. Why?

I’ve seen plenty of web-based and other scrum tools that require a monthly fee, free couple team member one project deals, etc. While they might be pretty good, they aren’t free and also powerful. I am looking to bridge that gap with something powerful, free, and open source so if there is something you’d like to add or modify, you can. Make it your own tool – check in a branch.

Is there any appetite for such a thing? I’ve already started coding up the UI and have about half of the Backlog coded. It’s not a small project… and realizing this I wondered about the open source angle. Get a bunch of talented people chewing on this thing and create something powerful, beautiful and available to any and all who would like to use it.

My personal cadence outside of work hours is slow… so in my own interests and those who’d like to download and use something for their own development – this makes sense to me.

Let me know and I can post up to github.

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jQuery.post() for AS3

I don’t partake of the Adobe Flash AS3 code bubbler very much any more, having saddled up with Objective-C and iOS/OS X development a lot more these days.

However, I do dabble in AS3 from time to time, generating some prototypes and simulations with it still. AS3 has been around for quite a number of years now and it does have it’s good points. It’s usually quite quick to roll something up quickly in regards to some kind of data visualization, audio/video manipulation, etc.

I just found (it’s already over three years old) a neat Class that simplifies AS3’s URLRequest class… making the loading of images, SWFs, sounds, downloading files, uploading files, and making web service calls a snap.

Head on over to http://code.google.com/p/quiero/ and check it out. Look what it can do below just for an idea.

Go from this

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest('http://google.com/ig/api');
var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
variables.weather = 'Salem, OR';
request.method = URLRequestMethod.GET;

function onRequestComplete(e:Event):void

To this

import quiero.*
Quiero.request({url:'http://google.com/ig/api',method:'get',data:{weather:'Salem, OR'},onComplete:onRequestComplete})

function onRequestComplete(e:RequesterEvent):void

Update: Google shut the door on this query, I tried out Yahoo! and it works fine, you just need to deal with a namespace.

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ActionScript 3: Multiple MP3s with visualizer

The past day or two I’ve spent trying to figure out how to get multiple, different MP3s to display some visualization for Sprites that represent them. computeSpectrum was obviously out of the question. I then turned to Sound.extract() to see if that could help me.

Not knowing all the intricacies of that method (I haven’t touched Flash in about five years – no lie), I beat my head against a wall until I discovered that it’s meant for dynamic audio (creation)… the sample data event wasn’t firing for me – because I had loaded an MP3 into each sound. Hmm.

I was overlooking something quite simple. SoundChannel has left and right peak values. I could poll those with a Timer, normalize for panning, and apply those values to a Sprite with scaling – to generally pulse the thing to show activity. I didn’t really need to get the spectrum data because I wasn’t going to use it that way.

So sometimes it’s the easy route that gets overlooked for a more complicated, more satisfying solution. Granted, I’m still happy – but wouldn’t it be nice if somehow computeSpectrum was added somehow to SoundChannel?

Feeling a little bored at your Flash conference?

You can slyly get your nom nom on when you’re at your next Flash conference and things have you feeling a little bored.

You know just about everyone there has a cool messenger bag stuffed with their laptop, schedule, Android device, Snickers bar, moleskine tomes and various collected swag. But you can surprise everyone with this cool little messenger bag.

Bust out a blanket, some wine (or better scotch), and perhaps some take out containers from the local Thai culinary establishment. No one will have seen it coming, although they might have smelled it coming.

Get your MVC action on while relaxing and meeting new friends over adult beverages and some curried flesh – and be the envy of the entire room!

Strange SA Flash Player behavior (solved)

In OS X Snow Leopard, for a long while now, every time I’d double-click a SWF, it would open an executable (projector) that I made over a year ago. Not the SWF I wanted, just that projector file. If I tried to change the file association for a SWF to the SA Flash Player (latest), it would change right back to the projector. A serious pain in the ass, especially if people are coming to visit often and you’re having to view different SWFs.

I tried all kinds of things, including Terminal tricks and flips. Still no go. I started to think I was forever banished to the GetInfo functionality of my local SWFs.

On my desktop is a folder of some of the projectors I’ve made. What I did was rename the default projector that wanted to launch every time I double-clicked a SWF. So what happend? It cascaded and found the next one and wanted to use that. Wha? So I renamed my folder instead that contained these projectors. Problem solved. It wouldn’t default to other projectors in any other location.

Freaking weird. So after a lot of frustration the problem is solved, but I’d love to know what caused it.

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