Will Apple become the first trillion dollar company?

There has been speculation in the media in regards to Apple becoming the first trillion dollar company. As a stockholder, and now with plenty of shares because of the recent seven for one stock split, I am quite interested in this. I personally believe that Apple Pay (taking ideas already deployed in Asia – and tried by Google) will take off, with Apple receiving a percentage of each transaction. That will add up to a tidy stack of cash.

The Apple Watch, in it’s first iteration, is a very powerful player in the market. Because of fandom and also genuine functional benefits (battery not included), Apple is going to sell a ton of these devices.

We already know that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are going to be sold in record numbers. Come November I’ll be on board, and in April my wife will be on board too. People can claim catch up, and in many ways I agree. But the iOS isn’t catch up in my opinion. I have a Nexus 5 at work for development, and while the hardware is nice, the size is pleasant, the OS is awful. Android is still an ugly booger and a pain in the ass to develop for.

With all this stated, and with un-rumored devices in the pipeline, I’d agree and will be pleased when Apple becomes the 1st trillion dollar company.

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