Spam bots. I loathe you.

I added mailing functionality to an email form I had yesterday afternoon. No big deal. I almost immediately started to get spam email from it – nothing dangerous – but certainly annoying. They would come in waves – three or four at a time. Maybe only a dozen or so an hour. But it was happening as I was driving home from work… which means it was extra annoying as I couldn’t do anything about it until I got home and after the kids went to sleep.

I parried and battled with a spam bot last night. I’d make some changes – thinking they would work. And then another spam email came in. I’d do something else… thinking that might do it. And after some time I’d get another – as if the bot was adapting to my changes. I finally made a more drastic change and that seems to have cleared things up.

This all makes me scratch my head in bewilderment.

  1. Why that website domain? It gets nearly zero traffic – how was I found?
  2. The spam messages contained non-sensical links to basically nothing. They didn’t pitch Cialis or anything like that. Perhaps set ups for a different script?
  3. Why do some people suck enough to bother writing these bots?

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