Huel versus Ambronite (banana, berries, and apple ginger)

HuelI am currently using Huel.

I am a very strong proponent of Huel. For a long time, I wished I could order it – as the FDA did not approve it’s sale in the United States – until very recently.

Before Huel was available in the United States, I was using bottled Soylent (regular and coffiest). I liked Soylent but was a little wary of all the soy in it. Once I tried Huel, I was hooked. Very easy to shake, easy to blend, and I liked the taste more than Soylent. The price is nice too as it’s quite affordable. I had to endure a week or two of intense gastronomical distress at times. A quite pungent response. Huel has a lot more fiber in it compared to what I was normally eating.

I had to endure a week or two of intense gastronomical distress at times. A quite pungent response. Huel has a lot more fiber in it compared to what I was normally eating. But I was quite happy using it – and after a while, my body thankfully settled down. I almost gave up on it because of that.

These days I could enjoy it three times a day if I wished, but I have relegated it to breakfast and sometimes lunch. Perhaps 6 – 8 times a week. If I have time to blend it, it’s even better. I’ve been doing the vanilla with nothing added to it.

I tried Ambronite long ago and I had to augment to flavor with peanut butter powder. That said, I felt amazing after having it. It is extremely expensive, however. I didn’t re-order mainly because of the price. I left Ambronite a nice review on their website and forgot all about them.

Ambronite contacted me.

Recently I was contracted by Ambronite in the hopes that I would leave a few reviews on Amazon for them (based on my previous review I had given them). They told me in return for doing this they would enter me into a drawing to win $500 worth of Ambronite. I still remember how well I felt after having it and I went ahead and gave them three reviews for different offerings. I didn’t even know it was available on Amazon. Good for them.

Thank you Ambronite!

Well, I was selected to receive $500 of Ambronite – shipping directly from Finland. It shipped yesterday evening (Thursday).

So that means I had the options of choosing flavors which I had not tried before. I had them split the shipment between the three new flavors (the unflavored might be improved compared to what I had tried in the past). From what I gather, the flavors will be very slight and the Ambronite will be much less sweet than my vanilla Huel.

I will know after this approaching Monday evening when it’s due to arrive from DHL.  I received a shipping email from Ambronite.

I still have my Ambronite shaker (which is easily the nicest shaker I currently own). I have no idea exactly what Ambronite is sending me (assuming large bags of each flavor coming close to a total of $500). They might be sending me a shaker or two as well – I honestly don’t know.  They asked me what I would like and I told them to split it up between the 3 new flavors. I didn’t get a response email – it just happened.

Giving Ambronite another go.

I’m going to have to, right? I’ll have $500 to plow through. That has to be around 50 total meals – 25,000 kcal. Even if I LOVE Ambronite again, once that it runs out, I’ll be back on Huel regardless. I appreciate being able to enjoy a very pricey shake as a meal replacement – but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d rather spend my paycheck on other things. If there were more affordable Ambronite bars (at say 250 kcal) I might consider it. A snack-type of thing.

I’m excited about trying Ambronite again. I’ll post something a few days after. I might go back and forth between Huel and Ambronite to compare, or just go with Ambronite. I do currently have three bags of Huel in my cupboard at the moment waiting for return use.

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