Year: 2010

This was emblazoned on the front of our shirts.

High school. A group of friends who listened to nothing but Led Zeppelin for an entire summer. Procuring illegal adult beverages from “Joe D.” – a cook at a local Perkins Restaurant who would run out during work to buy …

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My brief travels around Xcode project behaviors after it was kicking me squarely in the balls.

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No spoilers. The campaign is very rich, lush, and the lingo and voice acting are excellent. For the most part enemy AI isn’t too bad, but at times can get stuck standing around waiting for you to pop them in …

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Might be neat. Here goes:

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So I started digging back into my Dio collection, missing Ronnie a little bit today, and I had a video of his from a long time ago, Rock and Roll Children. Not the best song, but I gave it a …

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You can slyly get your nom nom on when you’re at your next Flash conference and things have you feeling a little bored. You know just about everyone there has a cool messenger bag stuffed with their laptop, schedule, Android …

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It’s not very often when I come across a modern artist that piques my attention, especially one that works in something other than graphite or oil paint. It’s just how I am wired, a little old fashioned in this regard. …

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I must be pretty daft to nearly lose my mind every time I want to use NSNotificationCenter on the iPhone… for uses beyond a basic method call someplace in the wild. I want to send information. I am posting this …

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I suppose I could have just tossed this over to Flickr but I thought this was pretty awesome. An enormous 12-sided dice I stumbled upon.

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Another incredible work of art by the boys. Up the irons! Have you heard what they said on the news today Have you heard what is coming to us all? That the world as we know it will be coming …

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[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”dynamic” fversion=”10.0.0″ useexpressinstall=”true” movie=”” width=”500″ height=”350″ targetclass=”flashmovie”] [/kml_flashembed]

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In OS X Snow Leopard, for a long while now, every time I’d double-click a SWF, it would open an executable (projector) that I made over a year ago. Not the SWF I wanted, just that projector file. If I …

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Callahan State Park II, originally uploaded by ericdolecki. ericdolecki: ericdolecki: 25 Jul ’10, 11.12pm EDT PST

Sherdley Walker-Shortlist., originally uploaded by chris-conway. This is a truly amazing image that I came across in Flickr. A really wonderful black and white photograph that drips with a rich sense of mood. I would love just to walk upon …

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Callahan State Park, MA, originally uploaded by ericdolecki. This is a test posting directly from Flickr.

Shooting lightning is something that I tried for the first time the other night and I managed to get some pretty good shots of it. Getting shots of lightning isn’t quite as hard or tricky as you might think. After …

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Tonight there was a pretty amazing bit of lightning around 9PM. I took a few photos… these haven’t been edited in any way yet. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

I use Photoshop on a nearly daily basis and I have been for many years. It’s awesome. However I was pulling my hair out for MONTHS because something in CS5 wasn’t working like I was used to before. Normally I’ll …

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I hope that you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration this year. It was certainly a scorcher here in Boston. We took the kids to the Lincoln, MA fireworks display Sunday evening. It was well past their bed times, so …

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